Capturator was founded in the year 2000 with the idea of creating a portal to promote language learning with resources “captured” from the web (Webrator). Helping language teachers introduce multimedia resources into teaching programmes (Learning Facilitator) was one of our objectives.

In 2002, due to the difficulty of creating valid training programs with inhomogeneous internet resources, Capturator decided to create its own catalogue of online language courses, produced from the start in conformity with CEFR descriptors and SCORM standards. Contents have been developed with a proprietary authoring programme and a teaching software.

Capturator proceeded to use its technological expertise to create integrated language training solutions: a system of licensing, an English language placement test and a new version of its authoring programme. Capturator programs were tested using the ADL test suite which guarantees their conformity to SCORM standards. Our products have been successfully imported onto all main learning management systems, both open source and proprietary.

Since 2009, Capturator has approved the accessibility of its courses which are now compatible with all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and operative systems (Mac, Linux, Windows). In addition, Capturator has completed indexing its over 2000 Learning Objects with metadata (LOM) based on CEFR descriptors.

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