Language courses

Courses have been specifically designed for each language with the aim of developing listening comprehension, speaking and writing in a balanced manner, and of raising students’ cultural awareness.

The courses are designed according to CEFR descriptors, and, as they are comprehensive for each language level, effectively prepare students for language certification.

They are taught in the students’ native languages with translations of vocabulary and grammar explanations.

Each CEFR level includes:

  • 10 modules
  • 100 teaching units
  • 500 exercises with over 4000 interactive items       
  • 200 listening tasks
  • 100 teaching flash cards (for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation)
  • 10 progress tests
  • 1 final test per level   

Strengths of the course   

  • Compatibility of courses and tests with all browsers and operative systems (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Configuration without plug-in (except Flash Player)
  • Table of contents with metadata
  • Personalized teaching programme
  • Flexible access solutions

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