Arabic course - Al-liqâ

This TaSk approach based course enables students to learn to interact in elementary communicative contexts.

The course was designed and written by native speakers of Arabic with long teaching experience and unites language learning with the most relevant aspects of the cultures of Arabic speaking countries.

Teaching units are devoted to the development of the 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, according to CEFR criteria.

An innovative method teaches students to write Arabic by computer as well as by hand.

Grammatical structures are introduced in a communicative context based on the students’ real needs following modern teaching methods that enable them to learn and remember the language effectively.

Vocabulary is introduced on the basis of the frequency with which words and expressions are used in standard Arabic. At the elementary level students learn to use ca. 2.000 words (spoken and written). 

Units on pronunciation teach the pronunciation of modern Arabic.

Available levels Available versions
Arabic course - Al-liqâ - A1 Elementary 1

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