Pedagogical choices

The nature of language learning

Learning a language is different from learning other subjects.

It requires alternating, interconnected phases of learning (of knowledge) and acquisition (of skills).

It is not linear, but cyclical, and is based on the need to consolidate and increase knowledge of the language by using it in different communicative contexts.

Different media may be used to facilitate learning. In the case of distance learning these include various tools for communication and interaction such as telephone, e-mail, forums, chat groups and virtual classrooms used with the aim of developing specific language skills.


Since 2002, Capturator’s course and testing programme has been developed according to CEFR parameters, especially as regards:

  • TaSk action-oriented approach (Task-based and Skill-based language learning) which aims at developing communication skills through interaction in general and professional contexts

  • The description of the contents and aims of each teaching unit with metadata in conformity with CEFR

  • The definition of language levels and a system of testing that permit preparation for language certification          

Conditions of use

Courses can be used sequentially as they are designed or tailored to the individual needs and aims of the student.

Courses can be used in self-study (Skill-based Language Learning) or with a trainer and class (Task-based Language Learning).           

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