Technological choices

Capturator develops in-house software specifically to satisfy the needs of language learners.

Our authoring program (CaLOGe - Capturator Learning Object Generator) developed in Java (J2SE) allows us to prepare, generate and package contents independently from the software environment in which they will be used, enabling us to manage the entire life cycle of the contents.

Our teaching software (CaLO - Capturator Learning Object) is specifically designed to administer contents for language learning and allows us to better supply the contents generated by CaLoGe.
CaLo is developed in the language Action Script and uses the Adobe Open Source Flex framework.
CaLo is executed in Flash Player environment to ensure the highest level of compatibility and a learning experience rich in multimedial and interactive content.
We believe that software must adapt to the user, not the user to the software. CaLo has been designed on this principle and can be used on the most common operative systems (Linux, MacOS, Microsoft Windows) using the most widespread web navigators (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari).
Using an agile development methodology.
Capturator can guarantee the maintenance of its software and design its constant evolution

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