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Testing is an essential part of every language training program:

  • HR managers need to develop training programs and assess their effectiveness.
  • Instructors are expected to evaluate the trainees' progress and provide appropriate ongoing training.
  • Students have to be able to assess their own performance.

CASSYS (Capturator Assessment System) is a suite of language tests administered through an innovative assessment system and available in two different versions – adaptive and sequential - , depending on the assessment objectives

  • Prior to the beginning of the training program, for the assessment of the starting level, the adaptive placement test (25 items/15 minutes) allows to evaluate a large number of learners.
  • At the completion of the training program, the sequential test (60 item/40 minutes) evaluates reliably the knowledge and competencies gained during the training

User-friendly, quick and cost-effective - the tests can be administrated online on Capturator Campus at any time and without the assistance of an instructor, or transferred to the learning platform of the client, thanks to the conformity of the software to SCORM standards

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