Technological choices

CASSYS is an integrated system of innovative and reliable language tests. The system is based on a client-server architecture in cloud environment and compatible with mobile devices and tablet PCs.

The software is available as a ready-to-use system on the CASSYS platform, or can be installed on the client’s SCORM or AICC compatible platform.

CASSYS uses two algorithms developed by Capturator.

  • The adaptive algorithm, based on ICT Theory, allows to evaluate the initial language competence of a large number of trainees in an extremely precise and fast way at the beginning of the training program.
  • The sequential algorithm, based on a system for detecting the false positives, allows to evaluate the learner’s progress and assess the language competence reached at the completion of the training program.

The test contents have been designed by experienced language teachers and are continuously calibrated. All statistical data are analysed and processed by CASSYS, in order to improve the validation of the algorithm-based evaluation results.

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