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  • When and where you like

Discover how you can learn a language at your own pace, when and where you like. Online courses save time, energy and money. There are no programmes to install. If you have internet access, you can take your course at home, in the office, on the train, anywhere you like with your favorite software.

For only 7 euro a month you can learn to say much more than you ever imagined in a foreign language.

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  • Daily training

Enroll now in a course that offers you 50 hours of self-study and 500 interactive exercises! You’ll take a 30 minute lesson every day and after only 3 months you’ll have made considerable progress.

  • Tailor made

You can personalize your language course by choosing the training activities that best fit your needs. Concentrate on listening comprehension, pronunciation, grammar or speaking by using our internal search engine.

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