Do you need online contents to integrate into your language training programme?

The introduction of new teaching and learning methods in universities and schools requires the use of contents and tools that can be used easily and independently by teachers and students.

Capturator has used quality criteria in the design of its software that enable teachers to integrate distance learning with classroom teaching.

TaSk approach
Capturator’s contents allow for the blending of classroom lessons devoted to carrying out tasks with self-study aimed at preparing lessons. Teachers can monitor the students’ work at all times with the software.

Conformity of tests and courses with CEFR 
Training and testing following CEFR criteria allow teachers and students to obtain reliable results in accordance with common European standards.

Subdivision of contents into Learning Objects
Individual units may be used as is to make up a complete course (linear path) or as additional resources to practice different language skills (personalized path).

Instructions to the teaching units with metadata
Instructions regarding teaching aims and a detailed description of contents allow both teachers and students to choose and select the teaching units they really need.

E-learning lets you combine learning flexibility with a control of the results you achieve.

Students can access language courses on the University learning management system at any time from anywhere. At the same time they can access resources made available by their teachers and other materials.

Tools of communication (i.e. forums, e-mails) and a statistical data collection system that registers the results of learning activities help to guide the students through their course. Reports are available on the learning management system at all times. Teachers and students can consult them to analyze progress made and problems encountered throughout the learning process.

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