Capturator was founded in the year 2000 with the idea of creating a portal to  promote language learning with resources “captured” from the web‏. Helping language teachers introduce multimedia resources into teaching programmes was one of our objectives. In 2002, due to the difficulty of creating valid training programs with inhomogeneous internet resources, Capturator decided to create its own catalogue of online language courses and has consolidated its experience as a perfect partner to implement language e-learning solutions.


Decades of experience in implementing e-learning solutions for online language learning.


Content created by native speaker authors. Pedagogical efficiency at the heart of our method. Compliance with open international standards as a guarantee of quality.


Easy to install and use softwares, no plug-in needed, complete and intuitive learning environment, innovative applications without technical constraints.


Solutions that meet your projects and needs, flexible contents adaptable to your teaching method.

Capturator has been offering a wide range of products and services for online language training for more than 20 years:

  • languages training softwares
  • testing tools
  • learning management systems
  • e-learning consulting

Technology for language teaching

Capturator and his international staff of professionals makes his experience available to you::

  • to support you in the creation of remote language training path
  • to successfully integrate Capturator softwares and tests in your learning environment
  • to implement the most innovative and appropriate solutions to your learning environment according to the latest technological standards

Innovation to offer you high-performance solutions

Research: ongoing reflection on the integration of information and communication technologies in language teaching.

Development: in-house tools developed specifically for language learning.

Effective solutions that fit your needs

For business world: turnkey solutions, transferable contents, evaluation of staff language skills, optimisation of language training, progress monitoring

  • For education: language-based approach, activities easy to integrate in the classroom or to use for autonomous study, specific tools for teachers
  • For libraries and resource center: access to resources online, anonymously or profiled, on-site or remote
  • For language schools: language softwares to integrate into your offer, customizable products to retain your students and customers
  • For individual students: in self-training, assisted by a coach, into a student community