Capturator software effectively prepares students for CILS (Sienna University) and CELI (Perugia University) certification. As the course is designed according to the TaSk approach, it enables students to learn to interact in progressively more complex, communicative, authentically Italian contexts. The course was designed and written by Italian native speakers with long teaching experience and unites language learning with the most relevant aspects of Italian culture.
Important aspects of everyday Italian life such as fashion, food and art are stressed.
Unità didattiche dedicate consentono di sviluppare le 4 abilità linguistiche – ascolto/espressione orale/lettura/scrittura – secondo i criteri del QCER.
Grammatical structures are introduced in a communicative context based on the students’ level.
Vocabulary is introduced on the basis of the frequency with which words and expressions are used in modern Italian from the most important 2.000 words in level A1 to the over 8.000 words in level B2.
Units on pronunciation expose students to differences in pronunciation of the Italian language.
The course has been designed based on research and on state of the arts tools for teaching Italian.

Available levels

Allegramente! - A1 Elementary 1

Available versions: German, English, French, SpanishDemo :

In course A1 students begin to communicate in simple everyday situations, acquiring basic grammatical structures and vocabulary. The course develops oral and reading comprehension skills as well as speaking and writing.

Allegramente! - A2 Elementary 2

Available versions: German, English, French, SpanishDemo:

In course A2 the students’ ability to communicate in everyday situations improves. Acquisition of basic grammatical structures is completed, vocabulary is consolidated and increased. The course develops oral and reading comprehension and students learn to express themselves with increased confidence.

Allegramente! - B1 Intermediate 1

Available versions: German, English, French, SpanishDemo:

In course B1 students learn to communicate more freely in relatively complex everyday situations, using more advanced grammatical structures and a wider vocabulary. Listening and speaking skills are developed, enabling students to interact freely in the target language.

Allegramente! - B2 Intermediate 2

Available versions: Italian (from level B2 the interface is in the course language)Demo:

In course B2 students develop the ability to express themselves fluently in all communicative situations, using appropriate language and register and an increasingly wide vocabulary. By the end of the course they are able to communicate effectively in a wide range of general and professional contexts.